Web Development

We here at Spinnaker Systems specialize in development and maintenance of web sites for small to medium companies. You can check out our web site at spinnakersystems.com.

I suppose that this is an unashamed plug for what we do, and the key here is unashamed. We are good at what we do, and one of our key strengths is that we are with you for the long term. We don’t develop your site and then not respond to emails or calls. We also don’t tie you into us, unless that is what you wish. Your site is your site, no proprietary code and no other hooks either. You can talk to our customers.

We appreciate that our client base comes with a great variety of knowledge, from little to lots, and we aim to communicate with you in a way you understand. Technology can be a great enabler, but it can also be a millstone and we are here to help you carry that weight.

If you wish to get in touch – then send me an email at lee@spinnakersystems and we will see what we can do for you.

Oh – and take a look at our web development blog – there is a lot of good stuff in there and it is all free. A lot of it is fairly old – but ALL of it still applies.

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