When I was growing up, spam was a rather nasty meat like product that came out of a can. You could batter and deep fry it, which unlike the original product came close in my eyes to a food of the gods. The original – well nuff said, it was what you eat when you ran out of cat food.

Now spam means something completely different, and it is the poisonous problem that most of us that operate blogs or have an email account suffer from, where some basement dwelling troll or worse, some Nigerian con artist is sending us messages about their dearly beloved auntie who wants to send us 10 million dollars, or in the case of blogs, some fake post in the hope that we will put the comment up and link back to a site selling fake Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

Are you friggin stupid, or do you think that I am? There is no way in gods green earth that I am going to fall for either of these rather stupid little schemes and if you believe that I will, then you have the IQ of a carrot, so please stop sending this crap. I still have a few mental faculties working, so just trying and trying again will not work. Now having said that – maybe you should just keep going for another 10 or 20 years, and by that time, my brain may have rotted enough for me to go…..hmmmm good idea. Nah – let me repeat – IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN…. so please stop

I get so tired of clearing out my spam folder every morning, so if you are going to persist with this, at least be creative about it, and give me a good laugh.

For me spam is just a total annoyance, but I am so glad my parents are not on the net. They, unlike me are trusting souls and would fall for the little girl trapped in a foreign country scam and that is the real tragedy of all of this, that the people that are least able to defend themselves are likely the victims, so lets get out the pitchforks and deal with this problem.

Spam on the menu

I suppose I should be chuffed that this blog has reached the attention of the spammers and the trolls.

Now, oh joy oh bliss, I have the fun job each morning of looking through the comments and deciding what is or isn’t spam. There is a lot, and some quite sophisticated, so if your comment doesn’t make it, then you didn’t manage to pass both the automatic spam checker or my own eyeball.

I don’t delete responses based upon any political bias, in fact I love a good controversy, but boring, repetitive rants with bad grammar that aren’t funny or provocative won’t make it through. I regard internet trolls at the same level of spammers and hate filled drivel is at least as offensive as posts that are attempting to advertise cialis.

You have been warned, so please feel free to put your humor or sarcasm hat on and I will guarantee your post will get in, otherwise…………….