RIP Brazil

The story of the World Cup so far has been Brazil’s 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany. It came as a shock to many who were predicting a close game, with the edge to Brazil, but it didn’t to me. I’d watched all of the games to this point and was already in mourning for the Brazilian version of the beautiful game.

Gone were the fabulous runs of Pele, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho and the absolutely mid blowing skills they showed. It had been replaced by a chippy foul ridden, over the top physical game that lacked all of the sparkle and joy of the great Brazilian sides I remember. Brazil had always been a side where defense was an afterthought, but  that had always been offset by an ability to score goals where and whenever they wanted. Now with only really one key player filling the offense role in Neymar, the whole edifice looked tottery.

The loss of their captain Thiego Silva was the final piece in the creation of this disaster. Without him, the defense was non existent and Germany were ruthless in taking advantage. They realized that the emperor had no clothes and were brilliant in taking their many opportunities.

All I can hope is when the dust settles, Brazil will rebuild their national team to bring back the spirit, joy and sheer dazzling skill that they had been known for. I miss it.