Transit disruptions

About two or three times a week, I have the sheer joy of driving downtown via Kingston Road in Toronto. Those of you that are familiar with this area know that there are major road works being done, both for dealing with sewer deficiencies and for transit street car track maintenance. While the sewer maintenance is well overdue, and is of value to all residents in the area, I have a question regarding the transit maintenance. Right now, the access to the various shops and businesses is very poor, and a conservative estimate is that trade is off by over 25 percent (and this is for the gas station at the far east of the extensive roadworks), so I would expect that trade is off much more for businesses located in the middle of the mess. This situation is going to continue for the next year or so.

Ipso facto, a lot of these businesses will fail through no fault of their own.

The question I have, is as the TTC is directly responsible for potential failure of these businesses, why are they not being held responsible for this, or have mitigation policies in place?

At minimum, the TTC should be paying the local taxes for these businesses. A business owner should be responsible for running their business efficiently, but when another entity such as the TTC deliberately does something that affects that, there should be some form of recompense.

I know there are people that believe that transit is sacred and that any sacrifice is acceptable, but I have to feel that the businesses and well being of this small group of people should not be sacrificed so cavalierly. I wouldn’t like it to happen to me – why should they?

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