The West Wing

TV – what has commest of thou

It is summer, so a lot of the shows that I watch are on hiatus. In the meantime, one of the specialty channels in Canada has been rerunning the early seasons of the West Wing. It has been a while since this played, and my memories of it have been coloured by the last few seasons, where it started to flag and the writing took a turn for the worse. The early seasons are absolutely wonderful, filled with flawed characters, zippy writing and an administration and president that you really would like to see in office. It exposed the political world for what it is, and showed us all that even if you disagreed with the politics that were the underpinnings of the writing you could side with the “good guys” while you said no to what they were saying.

I so miss television like this – no blood, no gore, no “reality stars” that have no talent other than self promotion.

That is not to say there isn’t good television being produced – there is, ┬ábut it is few and far between, and is getting lost in the ever increasing number of so called reality shows, where the only reality is that there is a script every morning of shooting.

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