Senate reform

The provincial premiers say that senate reform isn’t one of their priorities.

They are so wrong on this. Yes – there are many pressing matters that have to be dealt with – but shoveling this smelly pile of beaver droppings under the rug isn’t the right message to send out to a tired electorate. Not only that – it re-enforces the view that a significant number of Canadians have is that the average politician is a mouth with no morals, whose only aim in life is to get re-elected enough times to qualify for the gold plated pension and other perks such as the senate. I know this view is being unfair to the politicians that are out there doing a good job, but when your nose is rubbed into a scandal like this ¬†and you don’t actively seek to resolve it, then the odor clings, and quite rightly so.

Let’s be fair – the senate is a political bag-mans retirement home, and while it keeps a low profile and doesn’t make too many waves it can slide under the radar. Well, it broke the cardinal rule and because of that the rules have to change. If and I say IF the senate deserves to survive it needs significant public scrutiny to see that the pigs at the trough are only snuffling what they are entitled to, and what they are entitled to needs to be very rigorously looked at, and as soon as possible. It is actually possible to work on many priorities at one time and this should be one of the priorities.

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