Public safety

The inquiry onto the collapse of the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake is heating up with a  stunning admission from the owner.

It came almost at the end of a third long day on the stand in Elliot Lake, Ontario.

Mall owner Bob Nazarian said he had $2.6 million from the sale of a property, but chose to spend it buying another property rather than fix the roof. He knew that there were problems with the place and made a decision not to deal with them.

He said he had worked too long to save money for his family, and didn’t want to throw it into what he called a black hole. Well I’m sure that is comforting to the people that were killed and injured. This despicable human should be jailed and all of his assets seized to compensate the victims. Not only that, but also seizure of assets that have been hidden or transferred to other family members. Additionally, there should also be harsh penalties applied to the engineers that inspected the building. I suspect this will not be the case, but if so it will prove there is yet another disconnect between the law and justice. What is more likely to happen is this will become politicized and the tragedy turned into self serving sound bites.

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