Air Canada

Here I am stuck on hold with Air Canada

I want to make a simple change to a flight and have to work my way through their phone system. Not the end of the world – and then I hear  – all of our agents are busy – current wait time is between 22 and 45 minutes. This is on a Monday afternoon at 3:00 – it is not even overnight or out of office hours in any way. Unless Air Canada customer service has just contracted office wide dysentery, this is completely unacceptable.

Then to add insult to injury I have to listen as they brag about being ranked a 4 star carrier and the highest ranked north american airline. If that is the case then either customer service isn’t one of the metrics or the other airlines that service Canada are really awful, which I sort of doubt. Having dealt with Porter and Westjet in the past I can tell you that they actually do take customer service seriously, so you have to wonder about these ratings. I must admit I wasn’t listening too carefully to which rating agency was the one that gave them glowing marks – I wonder if it was their own in-flight magazine? Nah – it just played again – so it is Skytrack. Well Skytrack – I have news for you – your rating doesn’t match up with mine

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