Global foolishness

They say that you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Well it nearly happened with the press around man-made global warming.

Dubious science and some very creative computer modelling together with the very profitable public speaking tours by Al Gore has had the world press jumping on the global warming band wagon. You can’t turn around these days without being assailed by promises to save the planet if only you turn out your lights and buy a hybrid. Let’s not forget that Hollywood is also fully behind this, and we know how deep thinkers they are. So you have politicians, marketting  and liberal Hollywood, a real triumverate of trust.

If you have any sense, you question everything and then if the answers make sense to you, then you adopt the position. Well on man-made global warming, the position for most people is bent over with your pants down. The science related to man-made global warming is dubious at best, and seems to be more of an excuse for further taxation and wealth redistribution than anything altruistic. The science is weak, and now finally some credible voices are speaking out. Part of the ongoing battle it would seem is that scientific grants are “somewhat limited” if you do not ascribe to the man-made global warming theory, and that tends to have a very quieting effect on the scientific voice.  Even given that very uneven playing field, there are now voices that are being heard that make a very cogent argument against the prevailing theories. There is no doubt that the earth is warming – what is in doubt is the cause.

I don’t pretend to be a scientist, however I have read enough very well thought out argment against man-made global warming that I certainly do not  feel that the western world should be guilted or convinced by silver tongued politicians when it would seem that facts do not support them.

You need to make up your own mind on this, but please do some reading first. Don’t be caught up in the sound bites.

Man made pollution is another story and one that is getting lost in all of the hyperbole. We need to clean up our planet and stop introducing toxins to our environment. We need clean water, we need clean air and we need healthy food to eat and we should be using every piece of technology we can to achieve this, not just those that are “green” approved.

Gone to the dogs

AUKLAND, New Zealand, Oct. 23 (UPI) — A pair of New Zealand researchers claim a medium-sized dog has about the same carbon footprint as a sport-utility vehicle due to its diet.

Robert and Brenda Vale said in their new book, “Time To Eat The Dog: The Real Guide To Sustainable Living,” that a medium-sized dog eats about 362 pounds of meat and 209 pounds of cereal each year, with 43 square miles of land needed to create just 2.2 pounds of dog food cereal, Sky News reported Friday.

Considering that, in my view, my dog actually has a positive social value and Robert and Brenda Vale do not, I suggest that they take their silly statistics and compost them. You disagree? Well let’s look at it this way – when I read articles like this, my blood pressure goes up and I have an irresistable urge to nail a tree hugger to a tree, whereas scratching my dog’s ears lowers my blood pressure and makes me much more likely to smile at rubbish like this. Ipso facto, my dog has a positive social value.

Maybe an answer to this is to grind up a few witless environmentalists and turn them into dog food. That way the dog’s carbon footprint is cancelled out, we finally find a positive use for the rabid greeny and the amount of hot air being released into the atmosphere is reduced. A win win win scenario.

Food for thought…..