Nice try but didn’t anyone think about this?

Parents who regularly drive children for sports or social clubs will have to be vetted or face fines of up to £5,000 under new rules.

Along with parents who host foreign exchange students, they will fall under the scope of the Vetting and Barring Scheme, the Home Office has confirmed.

The measures to stop paedophiles are being introduced from next month in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Critics have branded them “insulting” and say they could deter volunteers.

A separate but aligned scheme is being set up in Scotland, to be introduced next year.

Also, anyone barred in any part of the UK will be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults anywhere else.

Informal arrangements between parents will not be covered, but anyone taking part in activities involving “frequent” or “intensive” contact with children or vulnerable adults three times in a month, every month, or once overnight, must register, it has emerged.

The safety of our children is  important, but wrapping them up in cotton wool, forbidding them to go out of the house and making it impossible for them to take part in group activities is simply not the way to go about it.

If you read the above, then the parents that drove us to choir practice every week would fall under these rules, and unless you are being pretty even handed about car-pooling, then most soccer moms would also be included. The comment about informal being excluded is misleading, becasue all of these arrangements need to be formal otherwise no-one knows who is to pick the kids up.

Scout groups and clubs and guides are going to disappear and most organized childrens activities are going to take a nose dive.

So now all that will remain is sitting at home. God help us all!

If the police and authorities are unable to catch kiddydiddlers currently, how the hell are they going to do it when they are spending all of their time processing vetting applications? Does this now mean that there will be another make-work government department to process all of these applications? Are there going to be roadside checks to ensure that all group transport has the appropriate vetting, or is there going to be a “snitch line”?

It is bad enough that the UK has more cameras observing your movements than anywhere else on earth, now the government is tightening its control even more. This is just another example of Nanny State thinking at its worst.