Much Ado About Nothing

Dear old Prince Charles, so what has his Royal Buggerlugs done now?

Well quite a lot it appears.

He has spent 3 million pounds of the taxpayers money on travel, which is a 48% rise over last year.

Now before you cough up your cornflakes over such a large number, lets look at it in a little more detail.

  • 658 official engagements
  • 50,000 miles of travel
  • helped raise £130m in support of his 20 core charities
  • still paid £3.1m in taxes
  • all trips were at the behest of the UK Government

Now lets be serious here for a minute. 50,000 miles isn’t a long way – I know  some commercial travellers that beat up that number and then some and they certainly don’t claim £3m for travelling expenses but this isn’t a fellow that you can let out alone. There are an aweful lot of very crazy people that sit drooling into their porridge from the thoughts of topping him in the nastiest and messiest way possible, not to mention the majority of London based architects who want to enclose him in an airtight and soundproof glass and chrome bubble.

So he need an entourage, and these aren’t his drinking and partying buddies but some very serious people that are simply no fun to go out with on the town. Along with the heavy weapons brigade there is also a gallery of people just to keep his life organized and on track. I have my Blackberry, but then I’m not zipping between 658 official engagements, where everyone wants to introduce you to their Aunt Gladys and there are herds of politicians that are very sensitive to being snubbed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a great admirer of the majority of the Upper Crust in British life, and when they open their mouths I’m very likely to stuff cotton wool in my ears and hum very loudly, but this is a storm in a teacup.

Leave the fellow alone. He does an admirable job and works his ass off, which is a heck of a lot more value for money than the average politician of any stripe and any country.

The only question I have is who gets the frequent flier miles?